Sell Your Mineral Rights


Cash Needs: Selling mineral rights means converting your gas and oil royalty into a single lump sum payment. It is true that reserves deplete over time, which means that there could be a decreasing trend in your checks. You can convert mineral or royal ownership into cash & get a fair value for your property. You can consult us to sell mineral rights and oil royalties.

Estate Needs: Many choose to convert their oil and gas interests into cash for estate planning, as it gets easy to transfer the property to future generations. If you leave these assets within the estate, they can be a heavy tax burden on you as well as on the heirs.

Economic Uncertainty: If we view the growing economic uncertainties, it is always better to sell mineral rights or oil or gas royalties for a financial assurance.

Why people sell their oil and gas royalties or mineral interests:

  • Receive a large, lump sum payment instead of monthly or yearly checks
  • Eliminate the paperwork, cost, and account hassles related
  • Remove uncertainty
  • Save heirs from complicated probate process by planning the estate in advance
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Pay off debts
  • Take advantage of low long-term capital gains tax rate
  • Pay medical bills
  • Pay for college education or mortgage