Selling Mineral Rights in Texas


Owning mineral rights in Texas was once highly profitable. However, prices of commodities like natural gas have plummeted in recent years and this has only brought down the royalties. Even if you own something that is profitable, selling mineral rights may be the right choice if you lack the knowledge of the industry.

Fair Offer Price

Coyote is a Fort Worth based company engaged in acquisition of mineral rights for 70 plus years. If you’re interested in selling mineral rights in Texas, we can provide you with wealth of information and a fair offer price that includes paper work and other expenses. Whatever be your reason for sealing mineral rights, we make sure you get a deal that satisfies you.

Complete or Part-selling

You may complete or part-sell your mineral rights in Texas. You also have the right to sell your royalty without selling your mineral rights. Once you send us the primary information, one of our executives will get back to you and discuss things in detail.

Determining Values

We factor in full range of variables to arrive on mineral rights values. We analyze royalty interest, reservoir history, decline rate, current operators and other factors to offer a value that delights you.

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