Sell Royalty Interest


Coyote Minerals & Royalties operates in royalty acquisition, and oil and gas assets development. We’re in acquisition and exploration for over 70 years, and we can assure you of providing the right evaluation of your royalty interest.

Quick, Efficient Settlement of Applications

We settle all royalty interest for sale applications in a fast, appealing way. We analyze reservoir history, decline rate, current operators, prices, royalty interest and other varying factors and send you an offer. Of course, it is your prerogative to accept or reject it.

Fair Offer Price for Royalty Interests

Coyote is willing to buy all or part of your royalty interest for producing, non-producing, leashed or unleashed acreage. Our goal is to provide all people with royalty interests with a fair offer price that includes all fees, documentation and legal paperwork that we handle for you. Check is delivered right after your ownership is confirmed.

Selling Land or Mineral Rights Together

You can sell land or mineral rights separately or together. A Coyote executive may help you take the right decision in this regard. Several variables need to be taken into account to reach a conclusion.

We’re Buying Royalty Interest for Sale

Coyote is currently pursuing royalty rights in all major US basin and shale plays.

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