Oil & Gas Royalty


Revenues in oil and natural gas industry are large as are the costs which include exploration, production, refining, distribution and marketing. The companies have to consistently invest in new technology and product quality improvements. This makes actual earnings less. The dynamics of the industry also affects the gas royalties.

Selling the Royalties

To escape the uncertainties of the industry, many landowners choose to sell oil and gas royalties. There may be other reasons as well — cash flow needs, clear up estate issues, tax savings, etc. They’ll settle for a one-time amount rather than go through the process every month.

Quick Evaluation of Royalties

Coyote will evaluate your oil and gas royalties for the acquisition and send you a no-obligation offer. If you agree, we can move ahead.

Simple Process

We’ve put in place a simple process for evaluation and acquisition.

Submission of bid request — Return call — Evaluation — Mutual agreement — Closing & transfer

The Coyote Advantage

Coyote is a Texas based company with a long and sound track record in exploration and natural gas royalty. We seek to provide optimum value to royalty owners interested in selling through a disciplined acquisition model.

Hassle-free Experience

For many sellers of natural gas royalty, selling the rights is a new process, so we assist them through every step. Our experience and infrastructure facilitates smooth completion of entire process, right from evaluation to closing. All your concerns are looked after.

Just submit the form provided and we’ll get back to you.