Reports to read if you are selling mineral rights


If you are considering selling your mineral rights than you should be educated by knowing Smith International and Baker Hughes have presented differing directional changes on a week- over-week basis in the rig count of gas-directed plays in the U.S., which was reported in the last week edition of Data Flash. However, the duration and magnitude of the reduction in the rig count of gas-directed plays would mean that this slowdown in drilling would have an impact on overall dry gas production for various plays in the coming weeks. If you are selling mineral rights it is important to know any of the wells are yet to reach completion in the dry gas plays and it is difficult to predict the exact impact from general slowdown in drilling. Still, it is apparent that the dry gas production has significantly declined in several basins during the previous many months. Still, the growth of production in shale plays like the Marcellus has overshadowed a few of these declines. If you have any doubts such as ‘should I sell my mineral rights?’, you should discuss such questions on sale of mineral rights with an experienced company like Coyote Mineral and Royalties ( having thorough knowledge on valuation of mineral rights royalties.

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