Selling your Oklahoma Mineral Rights


If you own or have inherited mineral rates, and find it hard to manage the distributed income, selling mineral rights to Coyote Minerals & Royalties can get you a huge one-time lump sum payment.

Oklahoma Mineral Rights

Oklahoma is one of the most resource-rich areas in the United States. You can leverage your land to get a substantial sum that you can use for diversified investment. It’ll keep you immune from the depletion of resources or economic downturns.

Getting a No-obligation Offer for Mineral Rights

We’re an active company with focus on Oklahoma. If your mineral rights have positive value, do get in touch with us to obtain a competitive, no-obligation offer.

Leasing vs. Selling

Leasing is like handing complete control of the land to the explorer for a certain time period, while royalty may not be that lucrative compared to the hassles. You may also plan to relocate in future and decide to dispose of the land. To sell mineral rights outright seems a better option.

Determining the Value of Land

Decline curve analysis related to the specific reservoir is used along with royalty interest amount, oil and gas prices and current operator. It helps to arrive on a fair and equitable value for the acquisition of mineral rights.

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