How to Sell Land without Selling Mineral Rights?


If you are convinced that your property contains valuable minerals, you could sell the mineral rights alone and retain the land. Otherwise, you can sell the land but hold on to the rights of the minerals for yourself and your heirs. However, this decision is a highly complicated and delicate process. Certain minerals like oil, natural gas, gold, silver, gold, uranium, and copper, etc. are highly valuable and would probably retain their value for the next few decades. On the other hand, values of many other minerals could either increase or drop sharply in future. Hence, your decision of selling the land while retaining the mineral rights should be done only after detailed evaluation of all factors involved in this issue. If necessary, you could consult an expert company having sufficient experience in arranging buy and sell deals of minerals and properties.

The procedure of selling the land without mineral rights is quite similar to the regular procedure of selling an ordinary property. However, you have to create a special attachment to the sale deed. The attachment should clearly state that the sale of the property excludes the rights to the minerals in the property. You should also list every single mineral present in your property separately. You should further stipulate that the mineral rights in the property are reserved to you and to your heirs.

Before you decide to sell the property but retain mineral rights, you should also go through local laws, state laws, and federal laws related to rights of minerals to individuals. You should first ensure that you actually own the rights to all the minerals in your property. It is advisable to have a qualified attorney by your side when you proceed with this transaction of selling your land, even while retaining the rights to the minerals present in the property.



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