Selling Mineral Interests


More and more land owners in America are selling mineral rights for one-time payment. There are several reasons for that.

Variables behind Value of Mineral Rights

Value of mineral rights is affected by a gamut of variables — Type of Interest, Production History, Rate of Decline, Operators’ Standing, Commodity Price Risk, Geographic Location, Tax Rate, Future Development Potential, Reservoir Formation, Historical Cash Flows, etc.

Well losing Value with Time

Production value of oil and gas wells declines over time. Pricing changes or well re-work may affect your check temporarily. However, oil and gas reservoirs do deplete a day and then they’re plugged and abandoned.

Does an Offer Cost me?

Coyote Minerals & Royalties gives you a No Cost, No Obligation Offer.

Part Selling

If you’re not very enthusiastic about selling all your mineral rights, you can sell a part of it to Us. For instance, you can keep 75% of the right, while selling 25% of these to pursue an attractive opportunity, portfolio diversification or pay medical bills.

Getting Income Upfront with Coyote Minerals & Royalties

Risk-averse land owners prefer to sell their mineral rights outright and get the compensation up front. It also saves you from accounting hassles of partnerships and monthly distributions.

Tax Rates on Selling Mineral Rates

You’ll need to pay federal as well as state income tax on your income through the sale of mineral rights.

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