Selling Your Mineral Rights


If you have an expiring lease, own minerals or royalties and wish to sell mineral rights or sell royalties...Contact Us!

Coyote Minerals & Royalties is a mineral and royalty acquisition company in the business of acquiring and developing oil and gas assets in the lower 48 of the United States. With its base in Fort Worth, Texas, Coyote has been exploring and acquiring oil & gas hydrocarbons for more than seven decades. We own mineral, working, and royalty interests in wells throughout the U.S Call us for selling your mineral rights.

With its honest and fair approach, Coyote Minerals & Royalties makes the process to sell mineral and royalty interest, fast & appealing. We are the leaders in purchasing oil and gas mineral & royalty interests in the industry.

The Selling Process

Determine your Oil and Gas Production, Royalty and Mineral Rights values. Our offer analysis utilizes current operators, rate of decline, prices, royalty interest, reservoir history and other varying factors to establish a fair and equitable value for you. Sell mineral rights to Coyote Petroleum.

We buy ALL or PART of your mineral rights or royalty interests in both Producing, Non-Producing, Leased or Unleased acreage.

If you have questions related to selling your mineral rights, contact us today!